Chain Wear Monitor


Chains are a part of nearly every industrial process. Regardless of it’s function, failure of any component that makes up a chain can be detrimental to the plant’s production.

Digilube understands the importance of preserving your chain and keeping it in optimal working condition, that is why we provide Digilube’s Chain Wear Monitor (CWM). Our Chain Wear Monitor uses state-of-the-art machine vision artificial intelligence technology to monitor both pin wear related stretch, as well as overall chain well-being.

The CWM is installed directly on the rail to non-intrusively measure the wear of the chain between individual links for overhead and inverted chain conveyors

The Chain Wear Monitor in Action


Dimensions | Weight20 lbs | 24″ x 22″ x 16″
Camera»  Measures & inspects chain wear / defects
»  Determines how many links in a chain
SensorsOptical Sensor
» Detects link position & counts links
» Triggers camera to take the image when the chain is in the proper location
Magnet Sensor
» Detects first link
FrameAluminum frame work
SizeFits 3inch, 4inch or 6inch chain
ConnectivityEthernet, Wifi or 4G

Add-Ons Available
»  Paint Marker
»  Track Wear Monitor
»  Drive Current
»  Drive Temperature
»  Vibration
»  Take up Monitor

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