Electro-Luber Series

Electro-Luber Series

Developed in 1982, the Electro-Luber™ Single-Point Automatic Bearing Greaser uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert gas. As the gas is produced, internal pressure fills in the sealed bellows and is applied against the orange piston. The piston then forces the lubricant out of the cylinder and onto the point of lubrication.


  • Self-contained, automatic, single-point lubricator
  • Continuous lubrication using safe, inert Nitrogen gas
  • Develops up to 50 psi. Can be mounted up to 3 ft. from lubrication point
  • Single use, disposable, recyclable
  • Comes filled with customer-specified lube
  • Waterproof (submerged) to 30 ft., weatherproof & dust-proof
  • Operating temperature range -40ºF to 131ºF (-40ºC to +55ºC)
  • Multiple settings to empty from 15 days to 2 years
  • Simply select and install
  • UL & CUL approved


REDStandard Lube
WHITEFood Grade Lube
BLUELow Temp Lube
Ball bearing unit isolated on a white background.

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