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Food Grade Lubricant

Our Safe, Ultra-Film FG (Food Grade) Food Conveyor Lubrication is Approved by the NSF to be used in and around Food Processing Environments. This Conveyor Chain Lubricant is often utilized at Meat Processing Plants, as well as other Food Handling Facilities, using Bolted Chain or Logging Chain Conveyors with High Load-Carrying Capacity.

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Food Conveyor Lubrication in poultry plant


Ultra-Film FG is a unique Food Grade Lubricant that is used in Food Processing Environments where there is the possibility of Incidental Food Contact. It is formulated with a proprietary synthetic, Non- Petroleum based EP Component and Thin Film Lubricant. Ultra-Film FG is produced using High Pressure Hydro-Treatment with a High Degree of Purity and Stabilization with a Food Grade Inhibitor and an Additive System designed for Lubrication of Food Processing Equipment.

Food Conveyor Lubrication
LubricantYouth Temperature RangeViscosityPour PointFlash PointColorSuspended
Ultra-Film FGup to 500°F7 CST @ 40ºC-67°F145ºFColorlessN/AData Sheet

Our Food Conveyor Lubricant is formulated to effectively lubricate all overhead monorail conveyors, which are subjected to washers and high temperature ovens (except Ultra-Film AM). They are designed to protect against wear, rust and corrosion at elevated temperatures and can withstand repeated loads in excess of 100,000+ P.S.I.