About Us

Founded in 1981, Digilube Systems, Inc. has been a family-owned business for nearly 40 years. Digilube supplies automatic lubrication equipment and lubricants for a variety of applications in the manufacturing setting. We supply equipment and lubricants to the powder coating, automotive, poultry processing and appliance industries, however our products can be used in many other applications and industries.

All of our specially formulated lubricants are blended locally and most are available to ship within 24-48 hours. We strive to add the most value to your current process by offering onsite service with our highly trained technicians.

Customize your individual plant needs

We are a manufacturer of automatic conveyor lubrication systems, chain/trolley & rail brush cleaning equipment, blender of industrial maintenance lubricants, distributor of ATS Electro-lube single-point and multi-point lubricators and AIRID pneumatic air filtration products. Our factory trained sales & field service technicians are available to provide you with a complete turnkey approach to lubrications. This concept of equipment, lubricants, specialized conveyor lubricators, and service allows one to customize their individual plant needs.

  • Better lubrication and utilization of personnel
  • Elimination of drippage and part contamination
  • Longer conveyor chain pin life
  • Elimination of rail contaminant buildup
  • Less maintenance and energy consumption

We are a manufacturer & distributor of:

Collage image of Digilube products
  • Conveyor Equipment
    • I-Beam Lubricators
    • Enclosed Track Lubricators
    • Specialty Lubricators
  • Digilube Lubrication Systems
    • Tanks
      • DL-812 (12 Gallon Tank)
      • DL-865 (65 Gallon Tank)
    • DL-5003
    • DL-9000
  • Single, Multi-Point Automatic Lubrication
    • Electro-Luber Series
    • Ultimate-Luber Series
    • Jack-Luber Series
    • Titan CL Luber Series
  • The AIRID Series
    • Air Filtration – 8 packages offered
    • Membrane Dryers
    • Regenerative Dryers
    • Ultra Drying Systems
  • Conveyor Brushes & Cleaning Equipment
    • Non-Powered Brush Cleaners
      • DL-20
      • I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners
      • Enclosed Channel Brush Cleaners
    • Powered Brush Cleaners
      • DL-55
      • DL-60
    • Industrial Maintenance Conveyor Lubricants
      • CleanLUBE
      • Ultra-Film 1, Ultra-Film 2, Ultra-Film AM, Ultra-Film AM
      • LP1000, LP1000HF
      • LP750, LP750HF
      • LP505, LP505HF
      • GE-90-1
      • Spray Lubricant
      • Greases

Learn about our products

Our factory trained sales & field service technicians are available to provide you with a complete turnkey approach to lubrications and can design lube systems for special conveyors.