Ultra Drying System

Compressed Air Filtration Systems are the optimal solution for any facility; The Ultra Drying System is connected to shop air in the elbow fitting on the inlet side of the system and out the regulator. It’s that simple. Ultra Systems come fully assembled to provide for absolute ease of installation.

The Ultra incorporates industry leading Tsunami drying technology. Each system includes a water separator, oil coalescing filter and Moisture Minder® automatic piston drains to assure proper draining of water, oil and other contaminates. A built in bypass valve allows the dryer to be shutoff for maintenance or service without stopping production. The entire system is mounted on a 80 gallon receiver tank to provide additional storage of ultra clean, dry air.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Low Relative Humidity - Down to .01% RH
  • Low Dew Points - Down to -80ºF
  • Easy, Low Maintenance - Under $100/year average
  • Easy to use Outlet Regulator
  • 80 Gallon Storage Tank Increases Shop Capacity
  • Waterborne & Solvent Ready


40 SCFM175 PSI150ºF10HP1"J-0810
60 SCFM175 PSI150ºF10HP1"J-0815
80 SCFM175 PSI150ºF10HP1"J-0820
120 SCFM175 PSI150ºF10HP1"J-0830

Learn more by reading the brochure

Ultra Drying System Brochure