I-Beam Chain & Trolley Cleaner

I-Beam Chain and Trolley Cleaner

DL-55 I-Beam Non-Powered Brush

The DL-55 Non-Powered Brush Cleaner improves performance and cleanliness of chains and trolleys on monorail I-Beam conveyors.

Proper cleaning & lubrication will reduce or eliminate parts rejects, improve e-coat & powder coating, help reduce conveyor surging and decrease energy consumption.

Are you looking for a Powered Brush? Check out our DL-60

Benefits of the I-Beam Brush Cleaner

  • Cleans Trolleys and Chain Pins on 3″, 4″ and 6″ I-Beams
  • Reduces Debris and Reduces
  • Eliminates Part Rejects
  • Improves Lubrication
  • Extends Chain and Trolley Life
  • Eliminates Manual Cleaning Expenses
  • Features Replaceable Crimped Steel Brushes
  • Crimped Steel Bristles for Long-Life and High Wear Resistance
  • Ease of Installation / Minimal Down-Time

Custom conveyor brushes can be made to your specifications. Request a quote today.

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