Digilube Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial lubrication products:

  • Conveyor Lubrication Equipment
  • Industrial Maintenance Lubricants
  • Conveyor Chain and Rail Brush Cleaners
  • Automatic Grease Dispensers
  • Air Filtration

We strive to provide manufacturers, plant managers, engineers and maintenance personnel with innovative products. Our factory trained sales & field service technicians are available to provide you a complete solution for your conveyor maintenance requirements.

See how our industrial lubrication products & service can increase your operation’s up-time and ensure that your trouble free equipment will last for many years.

Industrial Lubrication Products

Conveyor Lubrication Equipment

Digilube Systems manufactures a complete line of automatic programmable lubrication equipment to lubricate various types of overhead and in-floor conveyors. Manufacturers include Jervis B. Webb, Rapid Industries, Richards Wilcox, Gregory Adams, Pacline and more. The programmable controller dispenses a millisecond “shot” of lubricant with pin point accuracy to the wear points reducing over lubrication, eliminating product contamination, extending chain life and saving money.

Conveyor Lubrication Equipment

I-Beam Lubricator

The Monorail I-Beam Lubricator is usually located at the point of application. It consists of the DL-5003 controller and all the outputs.

Enclosed Track Lubricator

The Enclosed Track Lubricator is mounted at the point of application. It lubricates the vertical load wheels, horizontal guide rollers and pivot points.

Specialty Lubricators

Our Specialty Lubricators include Roller Flight, Cross Transfer, Dual Strand, Chain-on-Edge, Flat Tops etc.

Lubricant Tanks

Our Lubricant Tanks are designed to provide lubricant to both single and multiple conveyors. They come in 12 gallon and 65 gallon.

DL-5003 Head Controller

The Digilube System is controlled by the DL-5003 Microprocessor. This Head Controller is designed for lubricating a wide variety of conveyors and machines, customized to suite your plants needs.

Chain Wear Monitor

Our CWM uses state-of-the-art machine vision artificial intelligence technology to monitor both pin wear related stretch, as well as overall chain well-being. Coming in 2024.

Conveyor Chain & Rail Brush Cleaners

Digilube Systems offers powered, non-powdered and custom conveyor cleaners for a wide range of conveyor types. Two common types used in the finishing industry that require cleaning are I-Beam and Enclosed Track conveyors. These cleaners effectively remove lubricant and particulate buildup thus eliminating product contamination and extending chain, trolleys and wheel life.

Digilube Systems also designs and builds, to the customer’s specifications, custom cleaners for various applications such as spindel conveyors, I-Beam conveyors extended hangers, load bars, c hook cleaners, and infloor conveyors.

Conveyor Chain & Rail Brush Cleaners

Powered Brush Cleaners


The DL-60 Power Conveyor Brush unit is designed to remove and prevent the build-up of paint, dirt, scale and rust on the conveyor’s chain and trolleys.

Non-Powered Cleaners


The DL-20 is a portable and economical static brush that removes dirt, lubricant and paint build-up.

I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners

I-Beam assemblies are your best choice for continuous cleaning of beam type conveyor rails. Installation is quick and easy.

Enclosed Channel Brush Cleaners

Enclosed Track brush assemblies are the best choice for continuous cleaning of Enclosed Track type conveyors.

Industrial Maintenance Lubricants

Digilube Systems formulates and blends its own line of ambient and high temperature lubricants for the entire manufacturing sector; including Powder Coating, Automotive, Appliance and Poultry Processing. Lubricants include dry film lubricants, moly dry film lubricants, water based conveyor lubricants, water based high temperature emulsion lubricants, synthetic lubricants and thin film lubricants.

Industrial Maintenance Lubricants

Conveyor Lubricants

Digilube System’s Lubricants are specifically formulated and designed to lubricate various types of conveyor systems.

Spray Lubricants

This chain & cable spray lubricant is used on slides, pivot points, hinges, locks, rusty bolts and various types of chains & cables.

Greases & Automatic Grease Dispensers

Digilube Systems is the largest U.S. Stocking/Re-filler Distributor to ATS Electro-Lube Ltd. We stock 30+ brands of major grease companies and fill to our customers needs. They are the most reliable auto lubers on the market today. They are intrinsically safe and are a labor saving alternative to manual lubrication.


If we do not inventory a grease that the customer wants to use, depending on the quantity of the order, Digilube will either order the grease or have the customer ship the grease to us.


The Electro Luber uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert gas.

Ultimate Luber

The Ultimate Luber is a powerful, motor-driven automatic lubrication which is refillable using standard grease guns.

Titan Luber

Powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricators, The Titan CL, Titan CL II & Titan Oiler are reliable and easily refillable.

Jack Luber

The Jack Luber is a versatile product with it’s proven motor-driven technology incorporating the Jackscrew mechanism.

The AIRID Series

Our AIRID Series, comprised of Tsunami’s product line, offers air dryers and point of use pneumatic coalescers to remove up to 1 quart of oil water per minute and particulate down to 10 microns. AIRID’s purifying system also filters out smoke, fumes and oil to dramatically improve compressed air efficiency.

Compressed air filtration

Compressed Air Filtration

Tsunami offers maximum protection to accommodate any application. 8 filter packages available.

Membrane Dryers

Membrane Dryers assure that your application is supplied with quality air to meet or exceed standards.

Regenerative Dryers

The Regenerative Drying system uses proprietary technology to provide ultra clean, dryer air.

Ultra Drying System

The Ultra System comes fully assembled to provide for absolute ease of installation.

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