Digilube Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of conveyor lubrication equipment, industrial maintenance lubricants and conveyor chain and rail brush cleaners. We strive to provide manufacturers, plant managers, engineers and maintenance personnel with innovative products. Our factory trained sales & field service technicians are available to provide you a complete solution for your conveyor maintenance requirements.

See how our products & service can increase your operation's up-time and ensure that your trouble free equipment will last for many years.

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Digilube Systems offers powered, non-powdered and custom conveyor cleaners for a wide range of conveyor types. Two common types used in the finishing industry that require cleaning are I-Beam and Enclosed Track conveyors. Conveyor manufactures include, but not limited to, Jarvis B. Webb's I-Beam conveyor's 3", 4", 6" rails with x348, x458, x678 chain pins, and open trolley bearings. Unibilt's enclosed track's load wheels, guide rollers, and pivot points and track. Other conveyor manufacturer's include, Richards Wilcox Zigzag Enclosed Track and High Performance E-Chain conveyors. Rapid Industries Rapidflex conveyors, Gregory Adams Chainveyor Series 200 & 300, and Allied Conveyor's 8000 Series Monoveyor. All these cleaners effectively remove lubricant and particulate buildup thus eliminating product contamination and extending chain, trolleys and wheel life.

Digilube Systems also designs and builds, to the customer's specifications, custom cleaners for various applications such as spindel conveyors, I-Beam conveyors extended hangers, load bars, c hook cleaners, and infloor conveyors.

Powered Brush Cleaners

Non-Powered Cleaners

Digilube Systems formulates and blends its own line of ambient and high temperature lubricants for the entire manufacturing sector, including Powder Coating, Automotive, Appliance and Poultry Processing. Lubricants include dry film lubricants, moly dry film lubricants, water based conveyor lubricants, water based high temperature emulsion lubricants, synthetic lubricants and thin film lubricants.