Regenerative Dryers

Regenerative Dryers use proprietary technology to provide ultra clean, dryer air. Approximately every two minutes, airflow is redirected through the previously dried opposing canister(s) allowing any captured water, vapor, and particulates to be properly disposed of; It’s like changing your desiccant every two minutes.

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  • Low relative humidity – down to .01% RH
  • Dew points down to -80ºF
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance – under $100/year average
  • 3 year warranty on wall mounted dryers & ultra systems

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted units come complete with pre-filtration, PLC, automatic drains & a mounting rail.

10 HP40 SCFM1″ NPTJ-0710
15 HP50 SCFM1″ NPTJ-0715
20 HP80 SCFM1″ NPTJ-0720
30 HP120 SCFM1″ NPTJ-0730
Model J-0730

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