Power Chain & Trolley Cleaner

DL-60 Power Brush

Digilube’s DL-60 Power Chain & Trolley Cleaner removes and prevents the build-up of paint, dirt, scale, rust, oxidized lubricant on 3″, 4″, or 6″ Monorail I-Beam Conveyors chain, pins and trolley bearings.

Twin gear motors rotate 8”-12” diameter brushes, 60 rpm’s on each side of the conveyors chain and trolleys. A programmable LED clock regulates the cleaning cycles to effectively keep that particular conveyor clean, thus eliminating product contamination. Click here to see our powered brush cleaner in motion.

We offer a modified version of this Power Brush Cleaner. The DL-60 Unibilt Power Brush Cleaner cleans Enclosed Track Conveyors. Are you looking for a non-powered brush? Check out our DL-55

Power Brush Cleaner

The Power Brush Cleaner in Action

Powered Brush Cleaner
Powered Brush Cleaner going into Powder Coating Oven


  • Two standard reversing motors
    • Each motor is 1/4 HP, 120V, 60 cycles
    • Motors improve cleaning & extends brush life
  • Contains a Programmable clock
    • Easy to use
    • You can program up to 8 complete cleaning cycles per day, however most systems can be kept clean with a single cleaning once a week or less
  • Rugged-duty system is easy to install
  • Heavy-duty bearings are self-aligning, shielded and sealed for maximum service life
  • The rubber curtain design contains and directs debris into the collection pan (shown to the left)
  • DIMENSIONS: 35 1/2″ x 22″ x 30″ (height can vary)


MOUNTINGBefore mounting the DL-60 into place, consideration should be given to the location of the unit and how the weight of the unit may affect the conveyor.

The preferred locations for mounting is:
(a) between the load and unload area or (b) before the washer.

In some applications such as in an inverted unit, additional supports may be needed to support the DL-60. The DL-60 power brush cleaner should be lifted into place with chains attached to the outer sides of the base plate. Once in place, the DL-60 should be centered on the rail and secured by welding the front and rear mounting tabs to the top of the rail. The dust curtain should be attached to the frame with the enclosed mounting hardware.
AIR SUPPLYA regulated and filtered plant air supply line is required for operation. The DL-60 powered brush cleaner unit requires a minimum of 40PSI of compressed air for operation.

The regulator and filter are to be supplied by the customer. A quick disconnect should be used to allow for easier service as needed.
ELECTRICAL NEEDSThe DL-60 unit requires 115 VAC 25 amp service. The powered brush cleaner is completely wired and the only connection needed to be made is the incoming power. A knockout hole located in the button of the controller is provided for the incoming power.

Please refer to the wiring diagram for actual connections.

Replacement Brush Sets

Replacement Recommendation: To maintain optimal performance, we recommend to change powered brushes every 1.5-2 years. If the debris contains any moisture, we recommend changing your brushes sooner as the dirt will build-up on your brushes over time. 

We offer replacement brush sets for 3″, 4″ and 6″ I-Beam Conveyors:

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