Enclosed Track Lubricator

Lubricant Tanks

Lubricant Tank with Pail of Lubricant

Digilube’s Lubrication Equipment offers two sizes of Lubricant Tanks; 12 and 65 gallon. Our lubricant tanks allow for a range of choices depending on your conveyor high temperature lubricant needs. These lubricant tanks are versatile and can be used for many different type of automatic lubrication. For example: enclosed track lubricationmonorail i-beam rail lubrication, power & free lubrication, in-floor lubrication and oven conveyor lubrication.

These lubricant tanks are designed to provide high temperature lubricant to both single and multiple conveyors. They are used in a variety of industries:

  • Automotive
  • Powder Coating
  • Food Processing
  • Aerospace
  • Gypsum

12 Gallon Lubricant Tank: DL-812

Our 12 Gallon Tank is a popular choice for customers that have moderate chain lube usage. Because our microprocessors can be mounted to our tanks, the correct amount of chain lubrication will be placed onto your line, striking the delicate balance between over and under lubrication.

12 Gallon Pumping Station


DIMENSIONS22 1/2″ H x 12 1/2″ W x 15″L WT75#
PLACEMENTPositioned waist high on column for easy filling
POWER SUPPLYThe DL-9000 power supply comes in either 115VAC or 24 VDC output

65 Gallon Lubricant Tank: DL-865

The 65 gallon lubricant tank is used when greater amounts of conveyor lubricant are used either due to greater lengths of the chain or multiple conveyors are tied to the lubricant tank. This is especially true when the conveyor chains are subjected to different processes like powder coating, organic and inorganic coatings, etc. Most of the time, these conveyors go through washers and high temperature ovens. As a result, the conveyor lubricant consumption increases.

65 Gallon Pumping Station
65 Gallon Pumping Station in the Field


DIMENSIONS49″H x 22 1/2″W x22 1/2″L WT210#
PLACEMENTThe tank is designed to provide lubricant from a single source to multiple lubricators
POWER SUPPLYThe DL-9000 power supply comes in either 115VAC or 24 VDC output

Get the Complete Package

6 Gallon Tank with Microprocessor

Pairing our lubricant tanks with our lubricators, our DL-5003 Head Controller and our conveyor lubricant provides a vital component to the overall productivity of your conveyor through:

  • Longer chain wear
  • Elimination of chain surge due to improper lubrication
  • Elimination of product contamination from lubricant buildup and over lubrication

Don’t forget to service your Equipment

It’s important that your automatic conveyor lubrication equipment and high temperature conveyor lubricants are serviced. Did you know we offer service contracts? During our On-Site visit, our trained field service technicians will ensure your conveyor is working in optimum condition. Need a Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly visit? Discussing your system with a Digilube representative will help us determine what size tank and frequency of service is right for your application. Determining factors include:

  • Length of chain
  • Amount of conveyors
  • Type of conveyors
  • Load
  • Temperature
  • Other processes

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