Enclosed Track Chain Cleaner

DL-20 Brush, Enclosed Track Chain Cleaner

The DL-20 Industrial Chain Cleaner is an economical Enclosed Track, Non-Powered Conveyor Brush designed to clean the chain of Unibilt, Rapidflex, Zigzag, High Performance E-Chain, Allied Conveyors and many more.

The three arm design contains 6′ wide crimped steel brushes that cleans the top and both sides of the chain. Adjustable tension bolts allow the brushes to drag as the chain travels through the brushes, scraping debris off the chain. Optional debris trays available. You can now purchase replacement brushes online here.

Enclosed Track Chain Cleaner Brush
DL-20 Unibilt Chain Brush Cleaner


  • Removes dirt, lubricant and paint build-up
  • Reduces conveyor friction
  • Minimizes product contamination
  • Eliminates manual cleaning expenses
  • Portable and Economical
  • Crimped steel bristles for long-life and high wear resistance
  • Brushes adjustable at 2 locations for turning tensions and brush-to conveyor tension
  • Cleans top and sides of enclosed track conveyor chain

Installation of the Industrial Chain Cleaner

STEP 1Place the DL-20 on the track facing the proper direction
STEP 2Mark the center location of all the brushes
STEP 3Remove the DL-20
STEP 4From the center marks, measure out 5 inches in both directions. This will give you a 10 inch opening for your brushes
STEP 5Cut out the 10 inch openings leaving a small lip on the side for strength (see diagram).
STEP 6Place the DL-20 back on the track. Using 1/4″-20 set screws tighten the DL-20 onto the conveyor track.
STEP 7Tight retainer bolt (parts A) on each brush until the brush begins to drag and still rotating
(it is recommended that lactate is used on both threads to maintain proper tension.
STEP 8Adjust the tension on the vertical tension bolt (part B) so that the brush does not begin to flair.

Custom conveyor brushes can be made to your specifications. Need replacement brushes for your DL-20? Order online here!

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