I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners

Brush Assembly Options

Ensuring your conveyor is running smooth and efficiently is top priority. Digilube’s Non-Powered, I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners are the best choice for continuous cleaning of I-Beam type conveyor rails. Our conveyor brushes are easy to install, eliminate particle build-up and debris, thus prolonging the life of your conveying line.

I-Beam Brush Cleaner
I-Beam Brush Cleaner

Benefits of I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners

PROVIDES:Continuous Cleaning of all Internal Surfaces
Ease of Installation
Non-Sparking Brushes
Cleaning to several sizes of I-Beams
ELIMINATES:Particulate Build-Up & Fall Out
Rework of Finished Parts
Wheel & Chain Wear
Costly Down Time

Digilube offers three sizes of Brush Cleaners:

91400 – 3″ inch I-Beam Brush Cleaner

S91440 – 4″ inch I-Beam Brush Cleaner

S91460 – 6″inch I-Beam Brush Cleaner


3″ Brush utilizes:

  • #S91405 Side Brushes
  • #S91406 Top & Bottom Brushes
  • #S91402 Brackets


4″ Brush Utilizes:

  • #S91445 Side Brushes
  • #S91446 Top & Bottom Brushes
  • #S91442 Brackets


6″ Brush utilizes:

  • #S91465 Side Brushes
  • #S91466 Top & Bottom Brushes
  • #S91402 Brackets
Beam Sweep

Looking for replacement brushes or parts? We offer replacements all of our non-powered conveyor brush cleaners. Give us a call or fill out a quote form for pricing.

Digilube offers rail brush cleaners that fit all major I-Beam and Enclosed Track style conveyors, including Richards-Wilcox, Unibilt, and Rapid. Are you looking for powered brush cleaners? Click here to learn more.