I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners

Brush Assembly Options

I-Beam Rail Brush assemblies are the best choice for continuous cleaning of I-Beam type conveyor rails. Installation is quick and easy.

I-Beam Brush Cleaner
I-Beam Brush Cleaner

Benefits of I-Beam Rail Brush Cleaners

PROVIDES:Continuous Cleaning of all Internal Surfaces
Ease of Installation
Non-Sparking Brushes
ELIMINATES:Particulate Build-Up & Fall Out
Rework of Finished Parts
Wheel & Chain Wear
Costly Down Time


3″ Brush utilizes:

  • #S91405 Side Brushes
  • #S91406 Top & Bottom Brushes
  • #S91402 Brackets

Beam Sweep


4″ Brush Utilizes:

  • #S91445 Side Brushes
  • #S91446 Top & Bottom Brushes
  • #S91442 Brackets